[PyXMPP] Custom protocol: message- or IQ-based?

cyberco cyberco at media2b.net
Mon Feb 19 12:48:39 CET 2007

Adding the resource fixed the problem, thanks!

I can live with having to know the resource of the destination client (I
control both ends). So the only hurdle that remains is that IQ packets are
not stored on the server in case the destination is unreachable. Is that
correct? None of the official extensions requires the store-and-forward
functionality that <message/> requires? Is there a way to somehow use the
store-and-forward for my own IQ-based protocol? Else I'll have to implement
my protocol on top of the messaging protocol, which I'd rather not.

Thanks for any advice!

> /CODE==================================
> >
> > This results in the following IQ packet:
> >
> > <iq from="x at x.com/home" to="y at y.com" type="get" id="979308"><query
> xmlns="
> > http://www.company.com/app"><yaml/></query></iq>
> Seems ok, except the "to" jid. It lacks resource (the part after "/"),
> so it is directed to server, not client connected to the "y at y.com"
> account.
> > A disadvantage seems to be that IQ packets are not stored if the other
> is
> > offline. Any other disadvantages?
> You need to know full destination JID (including the resource part) to
> send IQ stanzas to other client. Generally that means presence tracking,
> so you know what resources of the destination account are connected.
> <message/> stanzas are sent to the highest priority resource if sent to
> bare JID (without resource).
> Greets,
> Jacek
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